Costume Department

Pauline Loven runs Crow’s Eye Productions’ exclusive wardrobe department. Pauline’s period costume expertise and her extensive period costume store are an invaluable asset to Crow’s Eye Films. This growing wardrobe enables Crow’s Eye to go almost anywhere in time – and any gaps can soon be filled thanks to Pauline’s skills in pattern drafting and costume construction.


Pauline is a costume historian with 30 years of experience in period costume-making and ten years’ experience as a film producer. She is also a published historian and illustrator, and a former university lecturer. Pauline frequently collaborates with her filmmaker son, Nick Loven, and runs WAG Screen community filmmaking group in her spare time.

Crow’s Eye Productions’ Wardrobe has replica clothing ranging from Roman to the 1940’s, including adults’ and children’s clothes.

You can follow Pauline’s costume blog here: Period Costume

Contact Pauline Loven here.

We are sorry, but the clothes are not available for hire.